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"Beyond his extraordinary ability lies a talent that few others possess; he is a true teacher. I have had the privilege of being trained by Shannon...and it is obvious that my own skills have improved dramatically in this short period of time. Shannon is able to translate the most complex movements into a series of manageable bits. Not only am I taught the motions but also the meanings, which are incredibly helpful when trying to remember a particular technique. His attention to detail is awesome...

Shannon’s commitment to my training is apparent in my increased confidence and ability. He is always calm and open...He is honest and communicative without being condescending, and strict...while not being pedantic. It is an honor to learn from him because I know he takes his own training very seriously."


-Jonathan Cupina

US Army CW2 RET,

FBI Hostage Rescue Team

Tactical Aviator



"I had never been able to gain control of my eating habits and like-wise my weight gain until I started training with Shannon. He has changed my approach to eating and working out in a way I never thought possible. He has provided me with a knowledge and disciplines that I will carry long into the future to ensure my weight, fitness and endurance continue to improve well beyond the limits I originally thought possible."


-Eileen O'Mahoney

Owner, Seanchaile's Pub


"Training with Shannon is training with a true Master...he's at the top of his game. You owe it to yourself to train with Master Shan"


-Anthony Sturnick

Casting Director



"He has the extraordinary ability to have people feel relaxed while at the same time feeling incredibly powerful. Shannon's ability as a trainer is obvious. He is constantly increasing his knowledge pool, but it is WHO he is being while training you that makes the difference. Anyone can learn from books and courses, but Shannon brings his life experience in spiritual fulfillment and his commitment to being in integrity in mind-body-spirit to every moment that he is with you."


-Greg F.


Disney Hyperion 


Shannon has been studying Martial Arts for 40 years, becoming a Black Belt Instructor of Hapkido and TaeKwonDo, and studying Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Bagua Chuan, Sing I, and Tai Chi. After joining the US Marines straight out of high school, Shannon was involved in a severe motorcycle crash, breaking his neck as well as many other bones and initiating him into a life-long world of overcoming injuries and chronic pain management. He began working in gyms in 1994 and specialized in weight loss and management of injuries during training. While traveling the world extensively, working overseas for 5 years in the private security field, he lived in a Zen Monastery where he practiced the Rinzai form of Zen, studied Krav Maga in Israel, trained in a brutally effective form of Aikido with the Japanese Riot Police, and learned Close Quarters Combat with a member of the British SAS. He returned to NYC in 1999, training in and instructing Hapkido under Sabumnim Herbert at New York Martial Arts Center. He taught Self Defense and Rape Prevention at Pratt University, and in 2001 became a Trainer at Rich Barretta's renowned Duomo Gym in New York City. He then opened his private studio for Personalized Training and Martial Arts Instruction in 2003. Shannon went on to work as a Police Officer for 5 years, before recently returning to NYC to continue his career goals and again be among the best trainers in the country under Rich Barretta's Mentorship. Shannon credits Rich with teaching him how to be a real Trainer, with the ability to target specific areas of the body, and then teach clients how to visualize and target those areas for themselves...and not just be someone with "degrees and certifications". It's a privilege to again be one of Rich Barretta's Personal Trainers. 


Shannon's Specialities include: Weight Loss, Strength Training, 
Pre & Post Natal Training, Self Defense & Martial Arts, Guided Meditation, Health & Wellness Maintenance, Pain Management while training, Improving Nutrition 


WHY train with Shannon?


My commitment to YOU, the most important person in the room: Motivation, Consistency, Support, Positivity, Specific & Measurable Results.


Whether it's losing weight, releasing stress, improving your eating habits, building muscle, enhancing your specific game, learning self defense & martial arts, how to meditate effectively, or any combination of results that you desire, you will have my full attention and support. Inside the gym and out.


I place 40 years of martial arts study, as well as military training, law enforcement experience, and my years of being a personal trainer, at your disposal. 


Tell me what you really want for yourself and your body, or we will figure it out together. We will make a plan, and we will work that plan and get the results that you desire.


It takes strong character and humility to request help. You are reaching out for a quality trainer because you want to improve yourself. That's the first step. Most people won't ever take that step. You already have my utmost respect.


Let's do this!









1 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY  10010

Tel: 212-627-1496

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