Ray Scalvino

“It wasn’t like I was sitting at a desk one day and decided to be a trainer. I didn’t take a class or a weekend test to start in this industry. It’s the way I live, and it has been for many, many years.” Says Ray Scalvino, personal trainer at Rich Barretta Private Training Studio. “When I was younger, I loved competitive sports, and then I moved into bodying building in the 80’s. I train now for different reasons: physical health, mental health and taking care of the stress. And of course I like the way working out makes me look.


”Ray believes life is a sport and you need to eat right and train right to be in the game. “Don’t become incapacitated by your own doing.” Ray’s approach to training his clients is very balance. He treats his clients with respect and understanding; but gives the push needed to get everyone to be at their highest level. No one is lazy on Ray’s watch…….Ray brings it every day and expects the same from his clients.


“The base line questions I ask clients are: How do you fuel yourself and how do you stay active? That’s what I preach: Food and activity. Do you move? Bike, run or do yoga? I look at the way clients eat to see how they fuel their body. Your goal becomes my goal, and I help every step of the way.”



My name is Carter Scott, I am a professional opera singer. I am 51 years old. I started training with Ray Scalvino at Rich Barretta’s  Personal Gym in the middle of April , 2014., at that time I weighed 228.6 . I am 5’8”. As of the middle of August  , 2014, I weigh 182.6 , a weight loss of 46 pounds in 4 months .


I attribute this easy, quick and healthful weight loss to Ray Scalvino. His positive and constant support has reinforced our private training sessions. When we started working together, he asked me my goals, I said to lose 50 pounds .We have almost reached that and are discussing future goals. During the first session he asked me if I had injuries and I did and do, I tore the meniscus in both knees and had surgery in the right knee. I also have bruised both shoulder blades and several ribs. I have scoliosis for which I wore a Milwaukee Brace during a year of high school. Our first session was an evaluation and he told me with his guidance, I could go full steam ahead with training.  After the second session, he suggested I consume 1500 calories in addition to the daily text I sent him of my food intake. After 2 weeks, he asked me what could PROMISE him regarding cardio at home on the off days. I thought a realistic promise would be 30 minutes 5 times a week. I have kept this promise and send him a photo text of the machine at the gym when I finish.


Ray is a learned, qualified, calm and supportive trainer. I have had 3 former trainers and NEVER have been this successful with any of them. Ray’s philosophy and  quality of life is infectious . - Carter Scott (Her amazing transformation below)










“Ray’s big muscles are misleading. He’s not just a guy’s trainer, but great with women working all the problem areas like upper thighs and fatty arms and muffin-tops. I’ve had several major injuries, and he always figures out a way to work around it and help the healing process. Ray is a gentleman. He’ll always give you a hand up off the floor once he’s decimated you!” – Mary Cooper

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