Luis Reyes

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Luis Reyes was born a native New Yorker from the Lower East Side in 1982.  Throughout his youth, he was challenged with much adversity, obesity being one of them.  In his late teens Luis chose to take a different path and decided to focus on fitness and health.  As Luis began to establish his own fitness routine he found an undenying passion for mixed martial arts, and slowly turned himself into the athlete he is today. 


In the start of Luis's journey, he earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate under Shihan Gary Lewis Bell.  His curiosity for martial arts continued with Muay Thai at The Wat under Phil Nurse and at Ultimate Gym under Kru Nestor Marte, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Fabio Clement earning his purple belt, and studied Judo for 5 years under Olympic Cuban Judo Coach Jose Pasiac.


With an extensive martial arts background, Luis began to focus on other aspects of fitness.  He obtained certifications in anatomy and nutrition through IFPA, NASM, and NFPT.  He has helped many of his clients today with overcoming chronic illnesses through strength training, and proper nutrition guidance.


Luis's Motto is:  You have to work on your weaknesses to turn them into strengths, and everything else will fall into place.  My clientele are all individuals that need individual workout prescriptions and individual nutritional plans.


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Lou is a differentiated trainer.  He designs a customized training program each session, tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.  He knows his clients so well and importantly, listens to them.  He notes injury history, limitations, areas of weakness, etc. and designs a program that works.  Form is paramount and as such, he keeps a close eye throughout the session to ensure you are getting the most out of the exercise, but more importantly, not at risk of hurting yourself.   He motivates in the right way, not allowing you to quit or cut the workout short.  He is more than just a trainer, as he provides a comprehensive health & wellness plan for his clients.  He critiques the nutritional elements to my meals and shares home exercises and stretches to do on my own time.  In 4 months with Lou, I was able to lose 20 pounds and 8% body fat for my wedding.  I will continue to work with him because at this point, it’s a lifestyle decision and my health is paramount.  I appreciate his candor, motivation and creativity which leads me to enthusiastically approach each workout, ready to push my limits. - Keith H


I have been training with Lou for almost 7 months with the goal of building strength, losing weight, and increasing muscle overall. Throughout my time working with Lou I have experienced both physical and mental changes I never could have imagined. He has pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed and constantly shows me how strong my body is and can be. He holds me completely accountable for my meals and workouts throughout the week and provides constant motivation. Every workout is different than the last and “the most challenging workout I have ever done”. He is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything, allowing me to really learn about my body and how I can continue to push myself even harder.  In the last few months I have become the strongest version of myself by far – both physically and mentally – and cannot wait to see what else Lou helps me achieve. I cannot recommend training with Lou enough- he is the best of the best!-Hallie K


I have been training with Lou for the past  4 months.  Lou has helped me to not only learn proper techniques when exercising but he has also helped me to start and maintain healthy eating habits, which has resulted in a total lifestyle change.  Since training with Lou, I am more energetic and have felt overall stronger.  I highly recommend training with Lou if you are looking for someone that can not only help you to physically look better but to also help you understand how to maintain your overall health and  fitness. -Megan


Out of all the many talented trainers at RBPT, I picked Luis for two reasons - 1. Have you seen his profile pictures on the website?!  He is a ridiculously fit individual who clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to effective workouts.  If I am going to drop the big bucks and give up my regular intake of noodles and desserts, than I want to be pretty confident that I’m going to get results!  And 2. I really appreciated his motto about turning his client’s weaknesses into strengths and his emphasis on tailoring a workout plan to each individual.  It demonstrates how truly invested he is in each and every one of his clients.  

I started working out with Luis 3 months ago with the set goal of becoming a stronger, better climber for an upcoming outdoor climbing trip.  He completely delivered!   He held me accountable for my diet – just FYI, he requires pictures as evidence so no cheating allowed!    When I said that I couldn’t do a specific exercise or a certain number of reps because it was too hard, he made me do it anyway (but never at the expense of proper form).   He even did his own research and read up on the sport of climbing so he could better tailor my workouts to meet my specific climbing goals!

I fully intend on sticking with Luis even after I come back from my trip.  The physical and mental results he has helped me achieve over the past 3 months are just too good to walk away from.  Plus, he’s just a really nice guy that you can’t help but love even as he’s torturing you with another set of some crazy exercise!

- Catherine


Until today, I was never motivated to write a review.  Thanks to Rich Barretta Private Training, I've found that motivation.  I've been going to RBPT twice a week for seven weeks now and my only regret is that I didn't find this place sooner.  As a marathon runner, I thought I was in decent shape before RBPT.  However, after only a few short weeks of incredible progress, my perspective and definition of fitness have completely changed - and so has my life.  My research on personal training in NYC kept pointing to RBPT so I took the plunge and, after a few email exchanges (with prompt responses from RBPT), I was paired with my trainer, Luis "Lou" Reyes.  


A workout with Lou is never easy - it's hard in the best way possible.  He is a wealth of knowledge about biomechanics and is a stickler for form. He is attentive to every movement my body makes during an exercise and constantly makes adjustments to my form to maximize the effect of each rep.  He also believes that every workout should be a full-body workout and draws from many disciplines, including traditional weight training, high intensity interval training and his experience as a fighter.  He focuses on strengthening my weaknesses and was immediately able to identify the tone he should take to motivate me to push harder (more than a pushover but less than a drill sergeant).  He's 100% committed to my goals both in and out of the studio.  Lou has given me valuable nutrition guidance and keeps me accountable by asking me to send him pictures of everything I eat (and drink).  He sends me workouts to do on days that I'm not training with him and checks in on me multiple times a day.  On top of that, he's a really nice guy.  I can't say enough good things about Lou and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer to transform not only your body but also your mindset.  I'm seeing incredible results - and the compliments from my friends don't hurt.


The gym itself is a great space - I actually look forward to working out there.  The lighting is low, all of the equipment always works and it's never crowded because you can only work out there if you have an appointment with a trainer.  The locker rooms are spotless, stocked with everything you need (even dry shampoo) and climate controlled - no foggy mirrors, no sweating the moment you step out of the shower, no gym stink.   


Lastly, but definitely not least, the people are awesome.  From the staff to the trainers, everyone is friendly and the vibe is collegial and relaxed.  All of the trainers get along with each other and when you're there you feel like a part of the family - a super fit family that's serious about health but without judgment or intimidation.  You can't buy packages so there's no pressure to load up on sessions.  You pay as you go - one hour at a time - on the theory that every training session should inspire you to go back and do it again.  Well, I'm inspired and I can't wait for week 8 of getting into the best shape of my life.  If you're looking for the best personal training experience, do yourself a favor and check out RBPT! - Erick


I've been training with Lou for the past year and what a difference he's made in my workout.

I had a couple of injuries in the past and Lou has helped me to strengthen the affected areas without causing further damage. He makes sure that my workouts tone my entire body while making me stronger. Every session is different so that they remain interesting and not repetitive routines.

Lou is a friendly, patient, and helpful guy who is easy to talk with during sessions, and also the most knowledgeable person I know regarding fitness and training. He's a great guy and most definitely a great trainer!-Richard


What I particularly like about training with Luis is that he looked at me as a whole and immediately zoned in on my weaknesses. Sitting at a desk for twelve hours a day has caused issues ranging from hamstring tightness to poor posture and as opposed to a simple workout, Luis has helped me focus to correct these deficiencies.  Every workout is completely planned prior to showing up, and all I need to focus on is working out, with Luis correcting form in every workout. Couldn't recommend enough!-Lyle


Luis is the most extraordinary trainer I have ever worked with. I have physical pain from years of inactivity and injury due to the type of job and lifestyle I have led. I have gone to rehab doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, you name it. With Luis, I believe that I will become pain free! I have never met anyone who has more knowledge of the musco-skeletal system than Luis. He is literally building me from the ground up and I am seeing results. In a matter of weeks, he has figured things out about the way I move and how to adapt that movement to make me healthier and pain free. And this is only one aspect of what Luis does in our sessions!! Luis is completely devoted to his clients. He sends you exercises to do when you are not with him. He advises you on nutrition, and gives you wonderful life advice as you work together. Luis Reyes is a talented and gifted trainer. He is an expert in his field, and he has the ability to use his own belief in the power of self to inspire others.  Luis is the trainer that will change your body, and change your life.  I could not recommend anyone more highly.  Anyone who gets to work with Luis is very lucky, indeed.-Elaine


I have been training with Luis for a few weeks now and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to change their body through fitness and nutrition. I came to Luis with 6 months until my wedding and the goal to get into the best shape possible. He assessed my lifestyle and quickly gave me a list of suggestions (diet, at-home workouts & stretches) to ensure I am getting the most out of our time in the gym together. In every session, he mixes up the workout which keeps it challenging, fun and interesting. Additionally, he is very hands on when it comes to perfecting form and explains everything which helps me to learn about my body and how I can push it to the max to see results. Aside from our sessions, he is always checking on me to see how I'm doing with my plan and offer his expertise on my nutrition (an area which I especially struggle with). Luis is an all-around great guy, he's extremely personable, incredibly knowledgable and super motivating! He is helping me to better myself - physically and mentally - and I advocate anyone looking to do the same, book a session with Luis.-Chase


If you're looking to make some real changes-this place is perfect! The atmosphere is nice with dim lighting, and no waiting around to use machines. Very clean also! Great, flexible schedules! I just began training with Lou Reyes and he is AMAZING! Every week is a different type of work out and so we work out all different parts of the body. Really challenges my work out  and pushes me to take it to that extra step I would not normally do on my own. Lou took the time to assess my goals and customize a workout routine and even help with a meal plan. Aside from our weekly sessions, he always checks in to see how I'm doing, my diet, and gives me workouts for the week. Very personable, supportive, and motivating. I always leave with positive vibes- deff recommend! - Alena


I have been training with Luis for over a year now. When I first came to him I was in such deplorable condition (a consequence of sitting behind a desk without exercise for 25 years and prior knee injury while in the military) that I couldn't even bend down to pick up my keys off the floor. Even getting up in the morning would cause me to blow out my back every other month. Luis, who specializes in bringing people back from injury, put me through routines intended to restore proper movement and balance. These even included such things as the proper way to climb stairs without knee pain. After six months, I finally reached a point where I can now do strength and weight training. My core is the strongest it's been in decades. I haven't injured my back in ten months, and I am no longer completely out of breath climbing the subway stairs.


Luis trains to reflect how the body moves in real life. He is very much concerned with maintaining proper form and ensuring that exercises help balance and movement. He is very hands on, which is necessary for me, as I can't train on my own. Luis' knowledge and dedication to the improvement of his clients' wellbeing would make me recommend him to anyone, but particularly to those who are in very poor physical shape. -Max L.