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I was never the fastest, strongest, or most athletic kid growing up. But what I had was determination to do my best and never accept anything less. I believe the most important part to training is motivating each and every client to be the best they can be. Knowing how to nurture that power and confidence is the best tool a trainer can instill in a client.I excelled in the arts.


After earning my Bachelors in Music, I toured Nationally and Internationally singing and dancing in various Broadway Shows. Due to the physical nature of dancing eight to nine shows a week I began to realize the necessities of training my physical strength and endurance to keep me injury free. I went through many different personal trainers, who never truly understood my true needs as a performer and dancer. This situation frustrated me, but most importantly inspired me to become the trainer that I always wanted.


After touring I earned a Diploma in the studies of Personal Training from the American Academy of Personal Training, which led me to teaching group fitness classes; Boot camp, kickboxing, cardio step, etc. My personal fitness connection wasn’t with group instruction, but working one-on-one with clients. I find it so exciting and rewarding to work with my clients towards their specific goals.This love for one-on-one training brought me to the Rich Barretta Training School. Being mentored by Rich has opened my eyes to so much, but most importantly the concept of Target Training.


I believe that through Target Training one can achieve not only the physical appearance they desire, but also the fitness and functional needs for optimum living. It is truly the best way to create a training program that is specific to the needs of each client. That is what I was missing most as a dancer and performer while being trained by other personal trainers. Being able to share this knowledge and understanding as a trainer is what motivates me.I look forward to helping motivate and guide you in your journey to looking your best while becoming the fastest, strongest and best you can be!




“Training with Justin is an amazing experience. I am a dancer, and working out is not only something I do just to stay healthy and in shape. But it is also my job! The way Justin trains, made me aware of my core and balance making my dancing stronger and helped prevent injuries. I remember the first day I walked in there and he asked ”what are your goals and what do you want to improve on your body”, I said, ” I want my booty to look good”. Ha! And now it looks great! Justin is an amazing trainer with an amazing energy.”

Julie N. Professional Broadway Dancer: Rock of Ages“


"I started working with Justin when I decided to get fit for my wedding. My goal was to look great in my dress and target specific areas such as my back, arms, core and legs. I saw amazing results within 6 weeks and it just keeps getting better. Justin guides me through my nutrition, keeps me motivated and is a goal-oriented trainer that knows how to target specific areas of the body. With my wedding less than a month away, I am feeling great thanks to Justin!” –Chris


“I’ve been training with JUSTIN SENENSE for the past two years and let me tell you— he has CHANGED my life. My original goal was to “get in shape for the summer”, but Justin helped me realize it was not just about short-term goals that don’t last. Rather, he has changed my outlook on life and health.Coming from similar cultures, Justin understands the lifelong unhealthy habits that I grew up with. He has not only trained me to be in the best physical shape I have been, I think, EVER, but he has supported me mentally to overcome boundaries with nutrition and that mental roadblock of, “I can’t do it.”Justin keeps me on my toes because he knows how bored I get from routine, mundane workouts. He challenges me with different exercises that works muscles I didn’t even know exsisted! He goes above and beyond each week the hour that we are together— so much so that it feels that I’m working out with him for 2 hours! You really get your money’s worth with Justin!!!It doesn’t stop there either. We see each other about 1-2 times a week for an hour, but he is so invested in your physical and mental well-being that he follows up everyday with nutrition and workouts, which he provides you, when we’re not scheduled for a training session.I recently got engaged and he is a wedding warrior!! Now that health and nutrition are a part of my everyday life, Justin is getting me in shape for the big day. He sets realistic and achievable goals that will not only help me look my best on one of the most important days of my life, but that will last a lifetime.”- Anna P


"I wanted to get in shape and lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy. I met Justin 2 months after I gave birth. I was having consistent back pains and weighed 134 pounds post pregnancy. We worked out 1-2 times a week and I started seeing results in 2 weeks. After just 3 months of training I lost 12 pounds, am back in shape and have no back pain! I now have a skinnier and leaner body that I have never had, even before pregnancy!!! Justin is an amazing trainer and full of energy. He helped me to organize my diet regime and made sure to balanced my nutrition with my post-natal breastfeeding needs. He kept me motivated in every session and reminded daily of the importance of good nutrition. I would send him nutrition emails daily and he would respond promptly so that I could make small attainable changes daily. I never thought we would reach the goals we set in the first session but he did amazing work! I would never have done this without him. Now after 6 months of having my baby, I am in shape and feeling great!"-Ayse H.











1 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY  10010


Tel: 212-627-1496

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