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“It has been 1 month (2x a week) and I have already lost weight, increased strength, and feel so much better. (We set up some goals…and so far most are on the way to be met….except I still am working on getting Rich Barreta size arms). Jarrod not only is showing me that “less can mean more” when done properly, but also helps me out with slight changes to my diet that are really paying off.”- John C.

Growing up I was one of those kids who always liked to be outside, no matter what the weather was like. That is just what kids did living in the Mid-West. I participated in all types of sports such as basketball, football, soccer, track and more. During my high school years I decided to join an ultimate Frisbee league and went on playing for over 4 years. Ultimate Frisbee is very interesting and demands agility, coordination, muscle endurance and stamina. It was during this time that I really became interested with my fitness, health and nutrition. I started to understand my body more and how it functions. I started noticing how what I was eating was benefiting me so that I could be able to perform at my best. I wanted to know the limits of my body and how I could push it beyond those limits.


After high school was over, I decided to take one of those big steps and move to New York City to study Art and Design. My forte in art was the human body. Not only was I interested in how the body functions through training; I was also interested in the aesthetic beauties of the body. University taught me many valuable lessons with my fitness training. Art gave me a better understanding of the body’s symmetry and structural balance.


I was soon introduced to Rich Barretta through my two brothers. My brothers Adam and Aaron are both trainers at RBPT. I quickly realized that RBPT isn’t like any other “gym”. Rich has been a huge help to me. The RBPT family has showed me what it really means to be a personal trainer. Through the guidance of Rich, I have learned a lifetime of knowledge and how to take my training to a new level. I am honored to be included in an array of knowledgeable and skilled professionals.








1 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY  10010


Tel: 212-627-1496

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