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While many in this new current social era believe fitness is based on ones solely outer appearance, they forget that one must first build their bodies foundation. It’s a concept I first learned at the age of 17 when I joined the US ARMY. Amazed to see how an individual “DRILL Sergeant” was able transform a stubborn physically weak street kid into a strong productive soldier. Jokingly aside from the yelling it began with proper nutrition and gradually at an intense motivated pace building strength and endurance. The duo ultimately leading to a slim physically fit young troop able to perform on the battle field.

                Shortly after my military service I joined the ranks of the New York Fire Department Emergency Medical Service. With the continuous urge to help others when in need physically and mentally! The transition from the battle field abroad to the Home front was difficult at times, but the beauty of exercise always helped me strive forward. In the process I became a certified personal trainer.

                 As a combat veteran I enjoy putting forth that same military energy with my clients. Using those military leader ship skills to train group fitness and one on one has been very beneficial to my clients. Producing the results, they desire. Always focusing on proper exercise form and technique to achieve optimal results and prevent injury.

                 I enjoy working with special needs clients due to the fact that I personally know the struggles one has to endure to recover from a disabling health issue or maintain a good bill of health. So that they can excel in whatever health and fitness level goals they may have!


I've been training with Fav for about 2 months now and highly recommend him/RBPT. I go at 6am and Favio has never once been late. I definitely feel like I've gotten stronger and at least been way less likely to say "I can't do that" right off the bat. Despite his own background in the military he's very understanding of my limits and balances challenging me but also not being such a  scary boot camp instructor that I just quit and start hating the gym. He also really cares about the goals we set together because besides pushing me at the gym he's on top of my nutrition habits (expect a lot of "Please send details of what you ate today" texts) which I guess I appreciate lol. Personally I would want to see him for as long as I'm in NYC!

The facility is really clean and everyone from the receptionist (?) Lisa to the other trainers there are extremely personable. You get an emailed receipt after every session, theres lockers/shampoo/towels/fruits etc at the studio so makes it easy to go right before work. 10/10