Chanice Taylor

Physical fitness is a lifestyle change that is sourced from a commitment of the mind, and demands discipline for everyday life. Growing up with a parent who serves in the armed forces has instilled in me the importance of discipline. Routines such as eating breakfast, or allowing sufficient rest were constantly enforced. In studying psychology, my ability to become more aware of the necessity of mental preparation when faced with various challenges and goals had increased. As a personal trainer, I apply this knowledge to an exercise program that best suits your goals.


Yoga demands a keen awareness of the mind-body connection. This ancient practice focuses on creating and maintaining stabilization in both the body and mind. It's applications extend far beyond the yoga mat; aiding in the execution of certain exercises, as well as overall motor function. The philosophies of mental fitness originate from this concept. Mental fitness is the element of well-being that thrives when there is a balance between the body and mind, so that the person may gain the mental and physical capacity to overcome obstacles en route to their goals.


The art of being comes from mental preparedness and discipline. The philosophies of yoga trains the individual to overcome obstacles within the mind, to then achieve our goals. I take those ideas and implement them into a training program that is specific to your individual strengths and weaknesses. During training, critical attention is placed on breathing and posture, which are crucial to functional mobility in everyday activities. Mental fitness is an optimization of strength of body and mind, which my training practice is based on.



I just wanted to tell you what a gem you have in Chanice. Great trainer, and so patient. The word “awesome” is way over-used these days, but it certainly applies to Chanice - she’s awesome! I have my final session with her in the morning, and I will definitely be back on my future trips to NYC. - Susan

I've been training weekly with Chanice for the past 3 months, and she is an extraordinary person and trainer. I've become stronger and leaner--exercises that seemed impossible and intimidating are now doable and my clothes fit differently. She's helped me push through so many "I can'ts" into this braver more confident place with my body and exercise. Chanice listens to what you want to accomplish and then leads you through workouts that will push you hard, but you'll also find yourself laughing and smiling in the midst of burning abs and shaking legs. If you are considering investing in yourself and doing personal training she is who you want in your corner. - Sarah








1 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY  10010

Tel: 212-627-1496

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