Bryan Martinez-Torres

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Along with being NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have earned a degree in Health Science focused on Human Development. My objective is making training personal again. This is about you.

With nearly ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry my approach has been shaped by my time in the United States Air Force as an OIF Veteran, an NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and nearly a decade of Personal Training. With extensive knowledge of; nutrition and dieting techniques, training modalities, and behavior modification your new healthy lifestyle will be most important of all… sustainable.

My training is based on changing your behavior and curating a plan that will take you to another level. The demands of NYC are unique and bring a different challenge. Together, we will focus on minimizing external stress, increasing quality of sleep, improving nutrition, and prioritize your health. My process extends far beyond training. My ego is directly attached to your success. Effort, Emotion, Execution.

-Weight Loss Expert

-Strength and Conditioning Specialist

-Post Injury Recovery

-Nutrition Coaching

-Sports Specific Training



"I have been training with Bryan Torres for 5 weeks now. He is a great and experienced trainer. I like a straightforward trainer who motivates me and clearly understands my goals and pushes me over my limits. That is what he does. He is teaching me to use my body and mind at the full potential and I see results at the gym but also outside of it, as I am more confident and mentally stronger. I feel my brain and body are as one now and are set to reach the goal I want, and Bryan reminds me of it in each session by proposing always new and different exercises that are specifically thought and prepared for my personal situation, level and goals. Bryan also takes time to oversee my diet and gives precious advices on the right food and when to eat it.  I highly recommend Bryan as he is truly capable, direct, and able to understand, and unlock, fiscal and mental blocks one may have. I feel my body has never gone through such a positive 360 degrees change."  - Frederica


"Bryan Torres aka @training_day_inc for 10 months. At the beginning of this journey I weighed 345lbs. Currently I weigh 272lbs with my next goal being 245lbs. Did I mention that I was a chef? For years I used my profession as the reason that I would "always be big" and could not lose weight. It wasn't until I met Bryan that we broke through with a diet that worked for me. So not only does Bryan work your ass off in the gym but he is a constant resource for health and nutrition. If I ever have a question about what I am eating I simply send him a picture via text and we chat about the good and the bad. I can confidently say that as a 33-year-old man; that this is the healthiest I have ever felt. I am approaching a year now of going to the RBPT studio and the trainers treat me like family. They are always encouraging with sharing success stories and ways to get better. The whole place is oozing with knowledge on how to better improve your workout, lifestyle and over all confidence." - Jean Paul